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Gregg High in the Mountains West of Boulder, CO

Introduction to Saxy.Us

Welcome! I'm Gregg. I've been called Saxy, possibly because I play tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, as well as flutes and keys. This website is for people who are interested in music. If you want to listen, there's lots of audio: I am working to put all performances and many rehearsals online. If you're really into music, I try to expose how it's made from my personal perspectivein my MySpace blog. There are some photos and videos too, but not enough. If you have any, please send them so I can add them to the site! I want to listen to -- to you! My channels are open, so please get on the mailing list (performance announcements, guest list, afterparty), follow along on Twitter (below, left), and add me on MySpace (below). Most of all, my objective is to make this site useful to you. Hey, that's one of the reasons I'm listening, so email or message me with your suggestions or requests. Note that there is quite a bit of recorded audio here and at already. For the latest, including gig announcements, I've started "tweeting" to: - you can see the updates on the web, or get them on your phone if you wish.

It took a long time, overcoming many interruptions, to make it to Boulder. Something I'd been planning to do since the summer of 2007! I've finally made it, at the very beginning of the year, along with a friend who has turned out to be the best!

Table and Sax on the Pearl Street Mall on Saturday March 21, 2009

Saturnday Live

Ryan, percussion for Saturn Returns (see further down this page), and I played "out" today, playing "Sax and Tabla" -- mostly East Indianish improvisation, but we broke down and played a Bob Marley tune ("Get Up, Stand Up"). We were on the corner of Broadway and Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder. Between the weather and the spiritual tone of the music, I got a great natural high! We saw some friends and talked to some passers by, and enjoyed the sights! The spelling "Saturnday" above was intentional, a play n the band name. Audio was recorded, and I'll post some here on Sunday!

Click here to listen!

Picture of Member of Walnutbutter in Boulder


That's what she said. We finally settled on a band name! And now, of course, the band has a website of it's own, so check out the view at We recently added UC almuni Johnny on Guitar: sorry but we haven't caught up to get pictures of the band with Johnny.
  • Chris, Bass (center)
  • Brian, Dums (right)
  • Johnny, Guitar (not shown)

Audio samples!

  • Flying Teacup (30 minute jam!)
  • Short clip from a different 30 minute Teacup jam with John on guitar

We've been working on a set list that includes jamouts based upon:

  • Johnny's First (Original)
  • Down to the Bone (Pure Funk) - link is to a rehearsal recording of March 1, 2009
  • Sex Machine (Sly and the Family Stone)
  • He Loved Him Madly (Miles Davis)
  • Flying Teacup (Gong)
  • Master of the Universe (Hawkwind)
Saturn Returns Chart

Saturn Returns

January 2009

I joined the band Saturn Returns in Boulder 2009, adding a new sound to a trio consisting of:
  • Jeff, Bass
  • Ryan, Drums
  • Micah, Keyboards
  • Me, Alto Sax
I'm still a bit trepidatious about the band name! I just finished (I hope) my second Saturn Return, and it was a doozy! I lost everything including my wife and my life. Purged by fire, I'm back to play some more! Hopefully, I'll make some great music before I am permanently taken from this phyical plane by my next Saturn Return.

I've already done two performances with Saturn Returns:

  • The Laughing Goat Saturnday Jan 31st (no recording) as trio (no keyboard)
  • This performance was done with about one hour total rehearsal time with Jeff and Ryan, who had played together previously about 7 times, and some fewer number of times with Micah. Although the concepts behind some of the tunes had been discused, they were all completely improvised at the musical level.

  • The Laughing Goat Thursday Feb 5th (guest musicians on Sitar, Saaz) for recordings click here.

    This performance followed one (total) 30 minute rehearsal with the band as a quartet. The concepts behind a few of the tunes were discused briefly, the rest were completely made up on the spot.

  • Private Party (2/13) as trio
    • Tracks from this party will become available in early April
Beep Deeply Group Photo

Beep Deeply

Most of the musicians I play with on a regular basis are part of BeepDeeply, whatever that is. It's not certain if it's a band, a collective, or simply people who occupy a jamspace. You can find out more about Beep Deeply by clicking on the image at the left to get to the website

Guesting with Glint @ Casa del Sol, Nyack, NY
Guesting with Glint @ Casa del Sol, Nyack, NY


Pictured is a guest shot I did with Glint at Casa del Sol in Nyack. Most of the time I spent with Glint members was at parties, where my performances were always better than the one pictured. Jace was kind enough to jam out a tune with me and his band. I also spent lots of time jamming with bassist Dylan, at left in the photos. For more on our collaboration, and audio files, see - I remain in regular contact with Dylan and we've been good friends since. Dylan is no longer with Glint. He plays with Contraband, Chin Music, and has many other projects including teaching.

Gregg @ Glint Party

Photos at left courtey Erica, and above, Kate Hess

International Generation w/ Saxy at the Leopard Lounge in NYC

International Generation

I've played with International Generation, a rebel reggae/fusion band. We play originals (only) that are reggae fused with other elements including rock, jazz, hip-hop, and more. IG, as the band is known for short, has played in the New York City area, but has travelled to gigs as far away as Philadelphia.

View of Concert Area

Memorial Day Concert

May 28, 2007 in My Back Yard!

Click on the image to go to the party page!
Featuring members of the Beep Deeply collective...

  • Andy Rock - Guitar
  • Dylan - Bass
  • Seth - Drums (Bob Kong was originally scheduled)
  • Plus: Art, Chris, Me :), and many others!

The party was aweome because so many of the people I care about in Nyack were preent! More pictures on the party page! If you have pictures, please contact me via MySpace. Pictures, video, and sounds coming soon! Thanks to all who came, and all those who couldn't make it. To the band, and to all the people who helped make the event a success!

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