Gregg's Memorial Day 2007 Party Multimedia Extravaganza

Rock On Summer 2007!

The Memorial Day Bash was a success! Thanks to those who came, those who wanted to and couldn't, the players, and the people who brought stuff to share, and helped clean up!

If you have pictures or other media, please contact me on MySpace so I can get it on the site for others (and me!) to see.

At left, a view of the players and some of the partiers.

Players, from left, Arty (Blue top, Guitar), Dylan (playing keyboard!), Victor (Bass), Erica (Guitar!), Seth (Drums, with Drumtwigs), Andy Rock (Guitar).

Partiers: Ben (Blue top), Katy, Vickie, Sandy, Madeline. In upper-left corner (partially obscured by foliage), Liz, taking photo.

As of this moment, all photos by Gregg.

More Media

Christine with Giant Pick    Dylan and Erica Trading Places

At left, party co-hostess and my apartment-mate Christine attempts to use a gigantic Fender pick to play. At right Dylan, who primarily plays bass, is playing keys. Erica, who usually plays keys, is playing guitar.

One of the Player Lineups

Above, from Left to Right, Andy's guitar case, My alto sax, Arty, Victor, Dylan, Erica, Seth, Andy Rock

Videos coming via YouTube, or some_other_tube :)


- Gregg


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