Progressive, Improvisational Sax

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The Laughing Goat Thursday Feb 5th
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This performance followed one (total) 30 minute rehearsal with the band as a quartet. The concepts behind a few of the tunes were discused briefly, the rest were completely made up on the spot.

  • Track 1 - Sound Check
  • Track 2 - One of Micah's jazz themes, I wasn't happy with how it turned out: OK I guess. The curse was that we played this one in rehearal. Never again! LOL!
  • Track 3 - A concept of mine and Ryan's from the trio performance (above) (textural; visual); has a somber melodic resolution.
  • Track 4 - Latinesque cooperatively improvized jazz track
  • Track 5 - Micah leads this classic modern jazz sounding track, which I seek to disrupt and abstract - there is a long, gentle resolution
  • Track 6 - Another of Micah's jazz themes. this one worked out better this performance. There is still the tension between my abtract intention, and micah's melodic jazz intentions. I suspect it was about that particular night, and future performances will not repeat this tension, at least not in the same way :) At one point we switch roles, as we rightly should have!
  • Track 7 - w/ guest Sitar player - this was fun but doesn't sound so good. See the archives if you insist.
  • Track 9 - w/ guest Saz player, ending with reggae sequence that resulted from the phyical environment
  • Track 10 - Encore Part 1 and Part 2 - why two parts, I have no clue. Ask Ryan, LOL!
  • Notes: Yes, my sax sound like a trumpet or trombone at times. This is intentional :)

From the 11/25/2006 Show at the Wiki Lounge with International Generation
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